Updated: 1/11/2014
What I Provide
  • Caring, fun and safe environment
  • Wide range of age appropriate toys, activities art and crafts
    (I especially enjoy music and songs.)
  • Water or milk to drink, fruit and biscuits as snacks.
  • Three meals a day
    (Vegetarians easily catered for if required.)
  • Visits to the local recreation ground any many other interesting places.
  • The following baby and toddler groups:
Monday am - Stay n Play at Milbrook Childrens Centre (sometimes)
Tuesday am - Toddler Time at C.S.K. (sometimes)
Wednesday pm - Messy Play at 'The Centre' /Castlefield Library (sometimes)
Thursday am - Sing a ting along music group at C.S.K.
  • A Daily Diary entry letting you know what your child has experienced, enjoyed and eaten each day.
  • Weekly observations, relating to Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum
  • Photos
  • Activities and opportunities to promote each child's seven areas of learning:
Personal social and Emotional (PSE), Communication and Language (CL), Literacy (L), Physical Development (PD) Mathematics (M), Understanding the World (UW) and Expressive Arts and Design(EAD)
  • I create a Learning Journey scrap book for each child under school age. This records their developement and is yours to keep when your child leaves my setting.
Bucks Community Childminding Network (BCCN)
  • As a member of BCCN I am quality assured. My childminding practice is under regular review by the Network Co-ordinator.
  • I often attend extra training which refreshes and improves my knowledge and skills in all aspects of caring for children.
  • I have the opportunity to care for a rich variety of children with different needs and abilities. All children benefit hugely by broadening their experiences and learning from one another.